What reflects light? Can you find a rule to predict the path of reflected light?


This lesson has both qualitative and quantitative activities, each lasting about one hour.

MATERIALS (Details in teacher notes below)

Activity 1 – Warm-Up

  1. None required

Activity 2 and 3 – Does a Tennis Ball Reflect Light?

  1. Small rough textured white ball like a tennis ball or small styrofoam ball, flashlight, piece of thin red balloon l (or s source of red light)

Activity 4 – What Reflects Light?

  1. Assortment of objects such as finished and unfinished wood samples, plastic or metal spoons, paper, cardboard, etc 

Activity 5 Reflection Rule (Law of Reflection)

  1. Printed protractors, Small mirrors that can be made to stand vertical. We use plastic mirrors taped or glued to wood or plastic blocks or a CD jewel case lined with black paper

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES:  Who can see the teddy?, Where does the image form? Laser target shoot,  Giant classroom kaleidoscope,  Images formed by two mirrors. See teacher notes for details.

STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS AND TEACHER NOTES  (PowerPoint slides with student instructions)

Doblando la luz Reflexió  (Presentaciones de PowerPoint con instrucciones para estudiantes)


Bending_Light-Reflection_Observations.pdf   (Student data and observations)

VIDEO: A Game Played with Mirrors (You can substitute CD jewel cases) 

Rev 1/22/17